This is the photo gallery page for photos of ShortbreadSwee-T’s home-made cookies and sweet treats.  During my quest to capture the beauty (and the art) of my cookies, I stumbled upon pictures that awed me (Cookie Art) and pictures that, I hope, display the quality of my cookies (Snapshots).  I hope you will see something special when you view this page.  Please come back often to see more “Cookie Art” and “Snapshots”.

Cookie Art?

While trying to take quality pictures of my shortbread cookies, one cookie (out of 24 dozen) caught my eye, and even though it was purely accidental, this single peanut butter shortbread cookie “Wrapped In Chocolate” resonated amongst the others .  The picture is awesome (to me), and when I look at it I see more than a cookie, I see a piece of photographic (and edible) art:

Peanut Butter Wrapped in Chocolate

Covered in Ice


Just a few quick pics:


What do you think?

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